Introducing Version 1.1 of Trial Boom

Version 1.1 is here! After listening to your feedback over the past several weeks since we launched Version 1.0 of Trial Boom, we’ve made some updates to Trial Boom for Version 1.1.

First and foremost, the release of Version 1.1 comes with a FREE Demo. Before you decide to purchase the full version of Trial Boom, you now have the opportunity to test out a free demo of Case #1: The People v. John Wilkes Booth. You can play through the first portion of the Direct Examination of Mary Todd Lincoln from both the prosecution and defense perspectives to get a feel for the game mechanics behind Trial Boom. If you’re not a current “Trial Boomer,” please check out our Free Demo!

We also made a major update to the legal content in Version 1.1, specifically to the “Sidebars.” For those who have yet to download and play Trial Boom, the “Sidebars” are question- and answer-specific explanations that explain why certain objection bases are proper or improper. Version 1.0 included a generous amount of Sidebar explanations, but with the release of Version 1.1, we now have almost 100% of Case #1 covered with Sidebar explanations. What this means for you is that if you are ever wondering why a certain objection was overruled or sustained, you can count on having a Sidebar explanation available for that question or answer. At Trial Boom, we are constantly working to improve the educational value of our software, and by expanding the Sidebars, we are hoping to bring our users more clarity and access to more materials that explain the rationale behind the judge’s rulings.

Our Dev Team also squashed some lingering bugs from Version 1.0, so the animations, graphics, and gameplay are a bit smoother and bug-free in Version 1.1.

Lastly, we made some key changes to our Privacy Policy in light of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal. Trial Boom is committed to protecting your data, and thus, we do not gather your personal information to sell to advertisers or other third-party organizations. In our updated Privacy Policy, we explain that our limited collection of user data is for two internal purposes: (1) Digital Rights Management and (2) Quality Control. Regarding digital rights management, we want to protect the integrity of the Trial Boom software and ensure that users are not abusing/sharing their login information. Regarding quality control, we collect statistics of usage and in-app activity, so that we can better identify any potential bugs in Trial Boom, as well as determine where certain aspects of Trial Boom may need further legal content explanations. Trial Boom does not share or sell your information with any third-parties, advertisers, or organizations.

We’re excited about the release of Version 1.1, but we’re even more excited for what’s to come in the next release of Trial Boom! To stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest Trial Boom news, please subscribe to our newsletter.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about Trial Boom in general or Version 1.1, feel free to leave a comment below or drop us a note at


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