Introducing Trial Boom: The People v. John Wilkes Booth

Trial Boom’s first case is based on the fictitious 1st-degree murder trial of John Wilkes Booth. What if J.W. Booth was captured and put on trial for the 1865 assassination of President Abraham Lincoln?

President Lincoln’s assassination was one of America’s most tragic events, and the horrors of the night of April 14, 1865, still echo throughout our souls and this country. The creation of The People v. John Wilkes Booth is by no means an attempt to exonerate Booth for this horrific murder. However, conspiracy theories and discrepancies between what actually occurred and what we actually choose to believe make for interesting and highly educational courtroom presentations.

As the creators of this case, we obviously intend no disrespect to the families, loved ones, and patriots who were affected and continue to be affected by the murder of President Lincoln. Indeed, the exact opposite is intended. After going through this case, we hope that lawyers, academics, students, and others alike will be inspired to research the life and legacy of our beloved 16th U.S. President, as well as the tragic events surrounding his assassination on April 14, 1865.

As President Lincoln once said, “Upon the subject of education . . . I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as people can be engaged in.” Enjoy!

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